Brief history of John & Shirley Jones & the Development of Assist Ministries

John & Shirley have been in ministry for 40 years, after having graduated from Bible College. John & Shirley both became Christians when they were young adults. They met while John was working in evangelism with Evangelization Society of Australia (ESA). They have since served together in the ministry.
They are married with 2 adult children & 3 grandchildren.

Their previous ministries have been E S A ministry in Australia, then with Word of Life in Sydney. John commenced the work of Word of Life in New Zealand and Fiji. They moved from the youth ministry and have invested their experience into encouraging and helping churches & organizations in Evangelism & Discipleship.

In 1999 they moved out into itinerant ministry to assist churches and organizations to communicate Christ to their communities.
During these past years God has given them the joy of ministry in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Australia, Brazil, Greece, & India.
We have seen lives changed by the power of the Gospel.
It has been a privilege to share the gospel in Churches, Crusades, Schools, Prisons, Work place, Open Air.

Assist Ministries brings assistance to national workers through support programmes, seminars for pastors, Bible teaching and preaching. Along with seeking to help meet the poor in their needs. They helped start an Orphanage in India, which has since been handed over to the local Christians to run. They have helped support Pastors, Christian Schools in India, and in Africa with Evangelism, Mentoring and Soup kitchens .

They seek to encourage the local people into evangelism and work with them in communicating Christ to their communities.

In their ministry, John teaches the Word of God in Churches & Conferences, with Shirley assisting with ministry to women.
Assist Ministries is involved in training pastors & young people for the ministry, especially in India & Southern Africa.
John and Shirley often visualize their messages. They use various visual media, Gospel Illusion, Ventriloquism, Sketch board drawing etc.

In 2011 Matthew Grant  joined the staff, then Quentin & Shana Copland joining in 2012.

Assist Ministries Trust, is registered with the Charities Commission in N. Z.
Reg # CC10851



John and Shirley Jones


John amp;amp; Shirley are evangelists and Bible teachers.  They are available for speaking at Camps, evangelistic outreaches, Schools, Leadership Training,   John’s Gospel Illusions and Ventriloquism give great opportunities in a non Christian context.

Matthew Grant


Matthew is an Evangelist ready to preach the Gospel anywhere,   He was a youth pastor for 7 years prior to working with Assist.  Matthew has also authored some booklets for use in evangelism  (see under materials).    Matthew is available for speaking at Camps, Youth programmes, Evangelistic outreaches, taking people out to personally do personal evangelism. Matthew has rejoiced to see the Lord touch many lives through his ministry in Fiji, Samoa, Greece, South Africa, Australia.

Quentin and Shana Copland


Quentin has been a children’s pastor in Auckland, then was director of OAC Ministries in Dunedin. Quentin likes the personal evangelism opportunities and also working with young people amp;amp; children. Quentin is available for Camps, Youth Ministry, Personal evangelism, and training.

Associate Staff

Laurie and Annette Steel

Our Office man in Bendigo Victoria who looks after the finances in Australia. Laurie is also a preacher who loves to teach the Word of God

John and Bev Frizelle

BTH, Mth

John worked with John Jones for many years in Word of life in Australia and New Zealand.  John is a pastor in Nelson Region New Zealand. A very good Bible teacher, apt at making the bible doctrines understandable to the everyday Christian, with good practical applications. John is available to come and minister in your area to help Christians in your area.